Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time is just spinning out of control

Where do the days go. It's Thursday and I need to get back to the clay. Lou came home today after being gone since Sunday so nothing got done. Tomorrow we are going to my Mom's for dinner. I grew up on a farm and my Mom still grows a huge garden. She's telling me that the sweet corn is ready, the string beans are ready.... dinner should be great but I still won't get back to the clay. Saturday and Sunday....I can only hope that nothing interrupts the weekend. Problem is that I am so backlogged in doing the other work around the's hard for me to sit and just do clay. I've got the house to clean, weeds to pull, bills to pay. If I only sleep like 3 hours a night maybe I can do it. Unfortunately....I like a full 8-10 hours of sleep when I can get it. Things are going insane at work too. Next week the 2009 budget process starts, then effort reporting for the government, and the next big deadline for grants in October I have somewhere between 16-19 grants all going in on the same day. I could spend 20 hours a day just a work and not catch up.

The trick with all this is to not freak out. If I think about it all as a whole...I can't imagine how it is all going to get done. And in fact it won't all get done....something will have to give somewhere. But first.....I take a little trip to Tuscon. Next Thursday I'm heading out to Anne's house to meet up with Cris and Stacey. Four jewelry artists coming together under one roof for a long weekend.....this is going to be so much fun and my last mini-vacation before October.

Back later with some pics.

I'm off to bed......

more cat pictures

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