Monday, July 21, 2008

More on the PMC Conference

One highlight of this meeting was the opportunity to network and meet people from all over the world. I heard about people from Canada, England, Australia, Japan and France. There was a charm swap one night. And although I didn't participate in was fun to see everyone running around swapping charms that they had made. Another highlight was to see the work of other people...not just on their bodies but in the showcases. There was an exhibit of those people who had been in the Annual and chapters were given the opportunity to display pieces in glass showcases. Below Deb, Jen and Mary Ann prepare the chapter showcase. And being the brilliant person that I am...I forgot to take a picture of the showcase once it was done.

There was a rely race one evening. The teams had four people and they had the task of creating and torch firing a spoon out of PMC.

The first person had to make the spoon.

The second person had to dry and finish the spoon.
The third person had to fire the spoon which was difficult in the sunlight.
The forth person had to eat a pint of ice cream with it.
And Patrik is just lovin' his ice cream

For me the conference didn't have enough hands on time (other than the pre-conference class). I'm not sure I would go again unless they make some changes to the format. The best part about the conference was spending time with Cris.......see how much fun she is.......

and so she is yelling at me...."don't take that picture". I was cropping this photo the image number assigned to this pic is 666....explains alot.

She is going to beat me senseless next time she sees me....which will be soon. Our next adventure is a trip to Tucson the first weekend in August for a play date with Anne. I'm not sure if she is really prepared for us.........


more cat pictures

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