Saturday, July 12, 2008

Housebound Today

I was all set to spend the entire day outside in 90 degree weather working the flowers beds in the back year. Almost our entire back yard is bordered with beds of one sort or another. I haven't worked in the beds for 2 years...I can't believe I just admitted that...and they have run amuck. I have a couple of very invasive plants in the bed bordering our fence. One is Sweet Woodruff, a delicate looking green border plant that has little white flowers in the spring.....

and the other is Gooseneck Loosestrife which grows about 12-18 inches tall and in the late summer has a bloom that looks like a goose stretching its head.

They are both wonderful when they bloom but I rip them out by buckets each year. If I let them go they would have taken over the entire backyard and half the house by now. So my plan today was to clean up the length of the fence. I was able to get out for bit. I cut some lower branches off the pine tree near the house and just started down the fence row when it started to rain. I kept working for a while but Lou started to bug me to come in. By the time I had taken a shower, it was just pouring. So I have been stuck in the house for the day. It's not all bad....I managed to take pics of the rest of my lampwork bracelets.

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