Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first firing...

I was antsy at work knowing that the kiln had finished its program. I was trying to think of a way to cut out early. But...I didn't make it home until 7pm. I took the stuff out of the kiln, had some Chinese for dinner and then fell asleep on the couch. I had been up until 2PM last night. So after a 3 hour nap I got up to clean my pieces. Just gave them a quick once over. I didn't get any really amazing colors....some greens.

This piece I cut a groove into and then put faux straps and rivets over the groove. I also put faux rivets on the back to complete the piece. It actually did crack a little on the back right hand side where I started the groove.

I love to use straps and faux rivets. The straps and rivets are both a design element and are functional. In the pendant on the right it allowed me to mend a crack that developed during drying. You can really see it in the second picture which is the back of the pendant. You can see the original crack in between the two rivets plus it cracked on the edges during firing. Without the added strap it may have broken during the firing process. I like the adds to that "just dug up" look.

Nothing complicated with these pieces. Just some components that I want to put together in a bracelet. I still need to make a toggle for this...and maybe another piece or two.

For lack of a better term...these "buttons" turned out nice. Though I don't think I will use them as buttons. I was thinking about stringing them together so they can bounce off each other and make a nice sound when wearing them. The shanks were easy to make. A circle of clay with bronze wire imbedded prior to firing.

I just got a shipment from Vintaj which sells brass findings, chain, wire. It goes really well with the bronze. If you are going to buy from them is wholesale only. You have to have a vendor's license and the minimum order is $200. Otherwise you will need to find a bead store that sells their findings.

I find the bronze clay so amazing because the look it is reminiscent of ancient times. Jennifer Kahn's term of "modern relics" is perfect for the pieces that can be created. I have been doing internet searches to find sites with ancient relics. Here are a two sites for you to take a look at for some inspiration.


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Awesome, Gail! Just awesome!!

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Great stuff!!!! Ain't this bronze cool? I can't wait for COPPER CLAY!!!!