Saturday, February 14, 2015


Tucson was amazing.  Unless you are a masochist I don't think anyone could see it all.  It's 38 shows in one town...all at the same time.  This is an aerial shot of the Kino show.  And let me tell you....those tents are huge.  It had to take weeks just to put those up.

It was raining when I arrived but after that it was sunny and beautiful.  I understand now why my parents used to spend winters in Arizona. It was a great break from the snow here in Cleveland and it was really difficult to come back to the cold weather.

We stayed at a great place called Lodge on the Desert. The grounds were lovely and I spent a lot of time taking pictures of cactus.  I think the employees thought I was crazy.


The first stop was the Gem Mall.  This again was huge.  This is just one tent of many that were there.

One great booth we spent a lot of time in was Joe Loux.  He's a dealer in Asian and Tribal Art.

I bought these.  They are carved on both sides. 
More later.

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