Sunday, February 15, 2015

More about Tucson

On a day like today, when it is 0 degrees in Cleveland, I want to be back in Tucson.  There were only two things I really wanted to see in Tucson...besides Cris and Paul...African Village and fossils.  We managed to do a couple shows each day and the pace was really relaxing.  In fact I haven't been that relaxed in a long time.

We did go to the To Bead True show.  Picked up some stamps from Kieu at The Urban Beader and I spoke to a couple of chain vendors.  Of course we went to Gary Wilson's booth to drool over his stones...LOL. Yes that's what I said.  I picked up some pieces just for display rather than setting.

Fossilized Fish on Limestone

Snow scene Agate

Fossilized Mud Crack slices

Arizona Picture Rock

Madagascar Geode

Australian Sunset Jasper
 We also ran into Djenne Beads at this show.  They are based out of Detroit.  I picked up some beads and mudcloth from them.

These got tossed in the tumbler to clean them up.  I had so much dirt I had to run the tumbler a few times with nothing in it to clean the barrel and the shot. 

Next...The Mission

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