Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I've been up to....

Working away in the studio....LOL.  One of the guys at work heard me talk about "the studio".  He asked (seeming somewhat impressed)..."you have a studio??"   No...I have a room.  As small room at that.  But it is my studio.  As is my dinning room table and my laundry room. 

Besides it sounds better to say "I'm going to work in the studio" rather than "I'm gong to work in my room".

So here are some new pieces....

The surface design is from a photo I took of an ancient, cracked tablet.  It's why I love many ideas

 I've been riffing off the idea of girders and rivets....for a long time.

 And for some reason I have been making stalactite shapes.  They make good earrings or necklace embellishments.

 This is something different.  I was experimenting with carving.  I started with what was suppose to be leaf veins but it turned into a stick figure, then one that was running.  The best of the three is the one on the right.  It's very fluid.

A big pile of bronze.  I've gone through about 800 grams in the last few weeks. At some point I need to start making things.


Cris Leonard said...

The studio is in the eye of the beholder. Nice pile of work girlfriend. Beautiful.

Catherine Witherell said...

That's lots of loot! Make some things! I love the sitting stick figure and your rivet riffs and the stalactite shapes. Riches yet to find their place in a piece of jewelry! Glorious!