Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finished Pieces

Below are pics of some of our finshed pieces from the workshop with Hadar Jacobson.  It was a good weekend.  I learned inlay, how to make canes / putting those together to make a finished piece, and mokume gane in metal clay.  The only piece that I have completed so far is the inlay.  That is pictured below.  The cane pendant was still firing at the end of class and I had to leave so I will pick it up at the next guild meeting.  I have the mokume gane with me and will fire that up this week after some testing of Hadar's clay in my kiln.

Deb's piece on the left and mine on the right.

Group Photo.  These are the inlay pieces.

I really enjoyed this class and Hadar is a good teacher. Everyone is buzzing about the new techniques learned.

Classes always seem like a good thing when I first hear about them but as the weekend approached all I wanted to do was stay home. I know I sound like a broken record, but working full time wipes me out by Friday afternoon and the thought of spending the entire weekend in a workshop was not what I wanted. But I have to say my mood turned around very quickly when I started to work with the clay and doing the inlay. It's a simple technique and there are lots of possibilities for it. And things only got better from there. I've never made canes before...that was fun. Putting them together in a piece can be challenging when you start to fill in the gaps with inlays. At one point I thought my piece was going to be horrible. But once you have a solid, dried piece you start sanding off the surface to reveal the canes. That's the fun part...seeing how your design is coming out. Same with the mokume gane. As you condense and squish all those canes together it isn't very appealing....until you flip the piece over and start to see the burling that is occuring on other side. The pic below is from Hadar's blog...hope she doesn't mind. It is a mokume gane donut pendant. Very Cool!!

Thanks Hadar.  I'm a fan!!


katie hanrahan said...

Your piece came out great, Gail. Mine looks pretty cool, too. ;-) It was a great workshop and I had lots of fun making my stuff, too! I love how clean the clay is to work with. Can't wait to get my kiln back so I can fire the rest of my pieces!

Carol said...

Awesome! But then, I expected nothing less!

lilasvb said...

real good