Sunday, November 21, 2010

There's something to be said for deadlines....

Now that the show is over I feel totally unfocused.  Leading up to the show there was no question about what I HAD to accomplish.  Everything else just took a back seat.  Now all those back seat items are staring me in the face and I am somewhat at a loss for what to do first...where to focus my energy. 

I did have two pieces to alter....those will go out in the mail this week.  But what to do from here???  I am working on getting things up on Etsy but that is a slow process.  I have a short attention span...especially during the week because I'm tired from working all day.  So only a few pieces posted at a time. 

I have books to read.  I'm currently reading a Cara Black novel...Murder in the Palais Royal (Aimee Leduc Investigations, No. 10)  This is a murder mystery series based in Paris...each book is in a different neighborhood and all involve Aimee Leduc as the female detective/heroine.  I also want to continue studying African masks, sculptures, and textiles....something I started this summer. 

I have to clean the studio too. I need to clean the studio.  It's such a mess.  Remember all those spacers I dropped on the floor.  Well I was in the studio a few days ago and knocked over two more containers of.....spacers.  It was ridiculous.  So I spent about an hour on the floor picking everything up.  And because I'm so anal I will spend a couple hours sorting them all back into their little compartments.  I also need to sort all the other pieces/parts.  I'm hoping to do some de-stashing so stay tuned.


Carol said...

There is also something to be said about REST. Hope you don't feel guilty if you focus somewhere else for a short while and enjoy the season. A good book. . .Your work is wonderful!

Gail said...

Thanks Carol!!