Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hopping to See You....

I got this e-mail today from brenda baby.  Now I have a friend Brenda...but I knew it wasn't from her.  I've never heard my friend refer to herself as "brenda baby"...LOL.  Apparently brenda baby is "hopping to see me".

I am Brenda. I am sorry for inconvenience you, i found your email where i am searching for browsing, and decided to have contact with you, and hope you will not neglected to contact me, i respect people especially for their good characters, understanding and way of reasoning. I hate to be neglected, humiliated or cheated! I like people that are straight in heart, truthful, social,loving, kind, humble, obedient, And am ever ready to meet you at your door step if your love could be true!. I love to keep a date with a man who understands love and know what it takes to build a healthy and strong relationship that could lead to marriage and not just a relationship. I accommodate new friends and serious relationship most. I love and associate with people who have fear of God. Your nationality, race, locality, location, Body color, eyes, hair or language is considered not a problem if only we love and understand each other very well. i will send my photos to you when we get on very well. please contact me on my email hopping to see you, have a nice day with my regards

This is a first for me.  I get lots of spam but I haven't been hit on by a girl before. 
 I also get spams on my blog all the time and they are weird.  They make no sense.  It's like schitzoprenic poetry.  The last line is particularly long as your not a male.

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So the hours are ticking down until THE SHOW.  The car is packed and I'm ready for set-up tomorrow.  I like the fact that we set up the day before. The show starts Friday. 

Now...I'm heading back into the studio to make a few more necklaces....I'm never comfortable with my inventory.  I could have 500 pieces and I would think I needed more.  I could have 500 pieces and someone would ask for something that I don't have.  One year a women asked if I had a bronze pendant in purple to match her sweater and this was after 30 minutes of trying of almost everything I had. 

Let the fun begin!!

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Mary Newton Designs said...

Purple bronze? What, you don't have any? Hope the show went well. I love all your bronze bronze pieces!