Sunday, February 21, 2010

Really....the weekend's over already

Where did it go?? I worked on Saturday...on multiple, cooking, and getting some time in the studio in-between chores. Had a family dinner today at Mom's house to celebrate my brother's birthday. He's old...LOL. I can say that...I'm the baby of the family.

Mom's having surgery soon and she's scared so I think this was also a time to be surrounded by her family. It's hard to be courageous going into something that scares you. There are a lot of quotes about courage to the effect that courage comes after you go through the think that you fear...the ability to be scared but do what you need to do anyway. I wish we could take away her fear but the best we can do is be there for her.

And tonight I am making Jambalaya for a pot luck lunch tomorrow. So I have to cut up veggies and meat and throw it all in the slow cooker over night. Luckily it is an easy recipe. I love slow cookers....cutting up veggies at 11pm....not so much.

So, here's to next weekend....hope it gets here soon.

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