Monday, February 22, 2010


Toilet seats. I know it's not what you tune into my blog to read about...but I'm frustrated with our toilet seat. We have been in the house for 20 some years and some things just never seem to get done. We are just too busy and let other things take priority. So it's time to change out the toilet seat...not that it's 20 years old...but time to change it. Even though the nuts are nylon, the still won't come off the rust bolts. The bolt heads are corroded and won't hold a screw driver so I've been trying to work from underneath using two sets of pliers. No luck....just alot of WD40 all over the toilet, the floor and me. The bolts are a little loose but not loose enough to get a hacksaw underneath them. I could just scream.

My plan was to do somthing small each night after work so the house doesn't seem like such an overwhelming task. So much for plans. HGTV....where are you when I need you....come over and fix my house.

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Alice Walkowski said...

The last time I asked my husband to take off a toilet seat, he broke the toilet. It took him years to put a new toilet in (he did remove the old toilet and the whole bathroom around it.) But all those years of waiting were worth the nice new bathroom he rebuilt.