Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing with fire...again

I'm glad my next door neighbor goes to bed early. If he happened to be up late at night and out in his backyard he might be wondering what I am doing with a propane torch in the kitchen in the middle of the night. It shouldn't surprise him. Soon after we moved into the house way back when.....we had to take down the antenna....yes I said antenna..... from the roof. Being the girly girl that I am......I climbed up the ladder onto the roof with Lou. Once he detached it....I picked it up over my head and threw it off the roof. I was shouting something about being super woman and laughing maniacally. I looked over into the next yard...and there is my neighbor with a really confused look on his face. Our relationship has been like that ever since. He always catches me doing strange things.

Anyway. I grabbed the green piece from below and retorched it tonight to see if I could get some different colors. This is what I got. The colors are a bit more vibrant in person and there is a hint of purple in it. Metal patinas are just so cool!!!


Katie said...

But Gail, you're always doing strange things. That's what we love about you! ;-)
The colors on this one are fabulous!

Jessica said...

I love this shield. The colors are amazing, and don't feel bad if your neighbors catch you torching things at night, I think I have a reputation from doing the same thing what can you do.