Sunday, February 22, 2009

I had a great hermit weekend....

How great was this???? I pretty much had Saturday to myself because Lou and his buds went to the Golf Show for about 6 hours. And today was a great quiet day for the both of us. I did get two rounds of copper fired. I am having problems with an attachment on one of the lentils and I had another one split apart. I was reading Hadar Jacobson's most recent book and it talks about not using filings for slip from dry pieces that have either been heat dried or have been sitting out for a few days. That dust is oxidized and will make bad slip. So I need to try some fresh clay and I am going to try a different firing routine to see if it works. That won't be until tomorrow night. Other than working on the lentils this weekend I made some cool pseudo-African shields. I won't have pics until tomorrow night.

Lou is having surgery tomorrow. Luckily it is what they consider "come and go" surgery. The get you in, cut you open, sew you up and kick your butt to the sidewalk. So tomorrow I will be his moral support, driver, afternoon/evening nurse, cook, maid....wait...that's what I do everyday. But then it's back to work on Tuesday for me. He is out for the week. He has these great plans of working in his home office his martial arts business...but I think he is going to be sleeping most of the time...especially if they give him some good pain killers.

It's going to be in the low teens you know where your cat is?????

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Cris Leonard said...

Hey, send my good wishes to Lou. I hope he feels all better fast. Love ya!