Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My new marketing plan

So my BFF Cris commented on the shields that I made with a suggestion for a marketing plan.....

"You could create a whole new line for Barbie...... Ax Wielding, Village Plundering, Braveheart Barbie! Imagine the fun your little girl could have lopping off Ken's head and burning down his house! Viking horn hat sold separately!"

I think that's awesome. Stay tuned for a Barbie you won't see for sale in the store.

Katie commented on the holes and if they caused the pieces to shrink less. I'm having a DUH moment right now. I kept looking at these pieces thinking they didn't shrink near as much as I expected and I was wondering if they had really sintered well. I was bending them and picking at them to see if they would crack...but they're good. The holes are the reason why they didn't shrink as much. Brilliant Katie!!


Laithia said...

Love it! haha!

Katie said...

Not really brilliant. I just remember Hadar talking about this in the BronzClay class I took with her last year at Bead & Button.
How about a BruenHilda Barbie, with a bronze or copper breastplate! Oh my... the possibilities are endless. ;-)