Monday, February 25, 2008

Hello...this is Dave...

Every night I get this phone call. It's a recording..."Hello, this is Dave. To speak with a representative press 1. Otherwise you can call me.... at some 1-800 number. I didn't pick up the first few times...just figured it was a solicitor that would go away. I finally picked up after 4 nights and pressed 1 so I could tell these people to stop calling me. But pressing 1 doesn't do anything. I don't want to call the 800 number but this is getting annoying.....every night.

The show went really well. I didn't know what to expect as it was my first time. I got a corner booth at the entrance. Talk about traffic!!! It snowed the first day so I thought attendance would be down. I saw more traffic than any holiday show I've ever done. It was great. There was only one down side to it. I had a bracelet and necklace ripped off. I got really busy on Friday with a group of women. When I finished with them I noticed one of the bracelets was not where I had placed it. I thought maybe someone picked it up and put down someplace else. So I went over the whole booth and realized that a matching necklace was gone. It's such an personal offense to have someone steal from you. If you want to rip someone off....go to Wal-Mart.

A note to Patricia...Thanks for reading. I use Teamac. They charge $7.50/month...better than $30.

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Patricia said...

Hi Gail,
Glad to hear you had a good show.
But sorry to hear about the stolen goods.
I would of been mad as hell too! May many years of
bad karma come their way. Really bad karma!
Thanks so much for the info. I think I'll be switching
this week. That means more money for beads!Yeah!!!