Saturday, February 2, 2008

Are you collecting boxes??

Lou came home from golfing in Florida today. He walked out into the garage and asked ..."Are you collecting boxes?" I had 4 boxes out there from all the stuff that got delivered this week. I swore off buying beads and silver, but that hasn't stopped me from buying tools. I bought a rolling art cart to haul my tools around when I go to workshops. It will come in handy going to B&B. I also bought a light box so it is easier to do tracings of ancient coin pictures. That's the first step to making lentil beads with these designs. The light box reminds me of something that kids would play with ..... if they play with these types of things today . It seems like they are more tuned into video games and anything that is electronic and high-tech. When my step-kids were little they colored...but that was 15 years ago and none of them have showed any interest in pursuing an art now that they are in their 20's.

When I was a kid I used to draw and paint. Not on canvas but on poster board with poster paints.... the poor girl's way to paint. Unfortunately they didn't survive the years. I wish they had. It would be interesting to see if they were as good as I remember or maybe I'm not the Van Gogh I remember myself being. I was always browsing through what little art supplies our local stores had. When I had money I bought drawing books and paint brushes. I still love art stores. Dick Blick is one of my favorite many supplies. They have one down in Columbus which is a two-hour drive from here. One of these days I am going to make the trip down there. Art stores, bookstores, and the tool section at Home Depot .... I love 'em. Of course, growing up in the 60's I also made seed bead necklaces ...."love beads" ..... one of the fads of the 60's. That's when the bead thing all started.

I can't claim the 60's as my era. I was only 4 years old in 1960....but those years did create many of my early memories. For those baby-boomers out you remember the fads of the 60's.........troll dolls, superballs, ouija boards, granny glasses, go-go boots, lava lamps, the smiley face, tye-dyed anything, mood rings, platform shoes and bellbottoms?? OMG...I'm old.

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