Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yeah....I meant it to look like that

Here is a pic of the bead I made last week. When I took it out of the kiln it had this huge gash in it due to the presence of the cork core and that I didn't hold temp of the kiln at 800 degrees to burn it out thouroghly. What to do...what to do?? It was a heavy bead and I hated the fact that all the silver was wasted. So I took a bunch of the little clay balls that I had and filled the gash with them. It looks kinda little blood droplets coming out. I want to add a few smaller ones across the middle strip but I am totally out of clay. Time to get the credit card out and let it smolder a little. With the price of silver, PMC is getting more and more expensive. Here are a few more pics of pieces I've made recently.

I've finished reading The Thirteenth Tale. Good book. If you are looking for something to read...try this. It caught my attention right away and kept me going until the end. Haven't decided what to read next.

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