Thursday, January 24, 2008

Generosity of the Human Spirit

I was searching for some information last night on Yahoo's Metal Clay Group and I decided to create an photo album there. So I posted a note to let people know and have them take a look at my work. Wow...these people rock!!! They are so supportive and complimentary. Many have come to take a look at my blog. It has taken me months to get 400 hits....not that it's a contest....but it is interesting to know that people are reading what you have to say. Today....I got 100+ hits.

I have to say one of the best things that I have done is getting involved with other artists. I go to the Bead and Button Show every year and I have met some wonderful people and have a group of friends that I always look forward to seeing each year. I also got involved with the local PMC chapter and I enjoy getting together with them each month. The support and encouragement that all these groups give is amazing. The generosity of the human spirit is priceless.

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CreatedWithFire said...

great blog, really enjoyed the pictures of your work ! I also liked your "yeah I meant it to look like that" snip-it