Friday, January 4, 2008

I seem to be pointing at everything today

When I close my hand I point the way, or point at someone, or point at the ceiling.

I cut my hand last night while doing the dishes. There was a broken glass that I didn't know about and as I stuck my hand into it....I jammed the broken edge into my hand. The cut itself is small...less than 1 inch long...but it was deep. It looked like the guts were coming out. I just bandaged it up and continue my housework. At work today I had one of my doc friends in the research institute look at it. He suggested I get stiches. So I was off to the ER...luckily it is just across the street from my office. My Doogie Houser doctor said that they don't stitch a certain period of 6-8 hours. The risk of infection is greater to close up the wound at this point. So he put some steri strips on the wound because it keeps popping open when I bend my finger and we both agreed that a splint would help. In comes my Belgian male nurse to put the splint on. He started teasing me and suggested that the next time I decide to cut myself I do it in a place that is more convenient for him to splint. We decided that since I wasn't going to be able to use my hand that he was going to be my assistant...but I'd have to get him a blackberry. So he wrapped me up and I look like I cut my finger off. All this for a 1 inch cut.

The worst part of it is that I have a weekend workshop on metals. Should be fun to try to cut, hammer and file.

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