Saturday, December 29, 2007

Readin' Fool

I've been a readin' fool lately. I finished a couple books.... Life Studies which is a collection of short stories by Susan Vreeland. The first half of the book has stories that revolve around the impressionist painters...Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir....but they are side characters in these stories rather than the protagonists. I like her writting style so I am going to read Girl in Hyacinth Blue next. It follows a Vermeer paining from owner to owner and tells their stories.

The other book is finished is Entre Nous: Finding Your Inner French Girl. I talked in a previous post about some of the topics in the post . The rest of the book talks about how fabulous the French woman is in that she throws marvelous dinner parties, prepares all the dishes herself using only the freshest ingredients most of which she grew herself, invites the perfect mix of people, plays the perfect hostess and has time to relax and enjoy the party. Did I mention that she's also finding a curing cancer and solving world hunger? At this point the book started to piss me off.

I did find out that I am very French in the fact that I live in a small house is very small. When we were looking for a hotels in Paris...most of the reviews I read talked about how small the hotel rooms were and it's pretty much the same with apartments. Looking for an apartment to rent when I go back in's not unusual to see a bedroom loft above the kitchen with just enough room for you to crawl into it. I've had 20 years practice at living in a small space.

But I did learn how to tie a scarf 3 different ways so that makes the whole book worth it cause I have been on a scarf kick lately.

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