Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's the Holidays!!!!

I don't have to be back at work until Thursday so I have a nice little break here. Both Lou and I have been relaxing these last couple of days. Turned off the blackberrys and pretty much disconnected the phone.

Went to dinner at Hyde Park Grill last night to celebrate Lou's birthday. Great food...steak with blue cheese, hash browns with onions and sour cream...makes me salivate thinking about it. Drank champagne and had a good time.

I put a load of PMC into the kiln tonight. After not working in it for a while, I was rusty. I needed to make a few pieces just to get the touch back. I made some pendents and some hearts. I have a few cool ideas of what I am going to do with the hearts...involving gears and rivets. Should be fun.

Tomorrow we will go to Mom's house. We eat, drink and watch movies on Christmas Eve. Then everybody gets back together for dinner on Christmas day. It's 2 days of doing nothing. It's nice...but we both go a little stir crazy. We are very selfish with our free time. We like to spend it doing what we like to do....for me it's the jewelry and for Lou....since it's winter...he will be writing martial arts manuals. We has 7 books written so far. Neither of our past times are easily transportable. So we end up taking books and magazines we want to catch up on...but you can only read and watch so many movies before we want to get back to doing hands-on things. That's why I am taking Wednesday off too. I can spend an entire day being hands-on before going back to work.

I'll post some pics when my pieces come out of the kiln.

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