Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's been so long...

since I posted. Seems like forever. When I got home last week I did a jewelry show on Friday at work. It went well....better than most of my other shows. We had a large crowd show up. I sold a PMC pendant to a semi-famous person. She is the author of the book "Miracle Dogs" which was then made into a movie with Ted Shackelford and Kate Jackson.

Last weekend and this week have flown by.... too much work to do at work, too many things to do at home, and always the jewelry is calling to me. December is always such a tense month trying to fit everything in and see everyone. It's about this time that I start dreaming of January and February....those wonderfully desolate months when there are no events to go to or people to visit.....when there is absolutely nothing on the agenda. The weekends then seems so long and full of possibilities. And the best is when I am the only person that decides what I will be doing.

Lou and I are perfect for each other in this way...he goes into his room which resembles a cave and I go into my workroom and we can spend our entire day like this and be perfectly happy. The only reason we see each other is because he has to walk through my workroom to get to his cave. And the reason he comes out is usually because he is hungry. If he were an animal he would be a bear.

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