Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back to PMC

I finally got back to working on my PMC this weekend. We have a guild meeting next Sunday and I needed to make charms for our Charm Swap. I'd post a picture but then I would spoil the surprise. Now that the stuff is out...I will end up working in PMC for a while...or least until my current supply runs out. I have some new ideas for pendants that I want to try out and some new textures.

My workroom isn't big enough to hold a table to do my PMC, so I set up on the dining room table. No loss...we never eat at the table. We actually sit on the floor at the living room coffee table and eat. I don't remember how that started...but we just migrate there and sit on the floor. Strange.

We finally got a new screen door for the front of the house this weekend. We have been without a screen door for a year. I broke the glass in the bottom panel last November when I was carrying out one of my show crates. This is so typical of us. It takes forever to get a project done. So anyway...we went through last winter and this summer without glass in half the door. Can you say Hillbillies!! So we got a great forest green screen door with nickel looks so nice with the tan house. The installor got done and then tested the window panels that move up and down. The screen is built into the top of the door and rolls down when the window is lowered. Turns out the screen doesn't roll back up like it sort of jambs up. The installor told us to call the company to report the defect. So the good news is that we finally have a nice screen door and it is solid and keeps the house warmer...but the bad news is that it will need to be replaced.

We actually did get a number of things done this year. New roof, replaced the furnace and added AC, replaced the screen door, had the roots snaked out of the sewer line and had to replace the gas line. And I am on a mission (poor Lou) to go through every room of the house to update and remodel. We've been here for 20 years and haven't done much but paint occasionally. It's time for an upgrade.

We also went out to the By-Hand show this weekend. It's an indoor art show. We stayed longer than we expected cause I know some of the exhibitors so I ended up visiting. We found a few things. I bought a couple of scarfs for the winter and I bought Lou some black martini glasses for his birthday. I also got a couple of Christmas kitties.

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