Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Small Object Photography

I've been updating my Etsy site this past week and photography is a big part of having a shop.  Etsy has some great tutorials and they provide links to other sites that can help with photography.  One of them is Small Object Photography for Artists and Craftmakers.  It's a new site and I'm interested in following Marlo's site to see what tips I can pick up. 

Speaking of Etsy...I've been in 4 Treasurys so far this month.  Must be my month!!!  Many thanks to the curators.

Here are some of the new things in the shop.



Mary Newton Designs said...

Your jewelry is absolutely stunning! I love the ancient, ethnic vibe. They make me want to touch them!

Lynn and Edd said...

Gail, wonderful photos (and of course your work is gorgeous as well)!
Would you mind sharing what type of camera you use and if you take your pictures in the same lighting? Aside from using your macro setting, what EV (exposure) and white setting s do you use?
Also, what background do you use?
I guess the question is - what is your photo setup? :)

MiSs LuvLuv said...

Gorg X

Gail said...

Thanks everyone!! I use a point and shoot...a Canon SD870 IS. I have a small light tent and use fluorescent lights. I bought a small black shelf at Target and place the jewelry on that. I put in on manual and set the lighting at fluorescent high, center weighted. I don't set anything else. I have hot spots due to the lights focusing down so I just started shooting the lights up at the ceiling and that's seemed to help some. The rest I am still trying to figure out...which is why I am looking at photography sites.

IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

Your photos are looking good! Reflected light is definitely the way to go esp. with jewelry :) Glad you like the blog so far...and thanks for the mention! - Marlo M. http://smallobjectphotography.com

Gail said...

Hi Marlo!! I think all jewelry artists are looking for more info in taking better photos. Thanks for doing a blog!!

Natasha said...

Hi, Greetings from Singapore! I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say that I love your designs and the pieces you use. so different from what i've seen on many websites. The way you photograph them is excellent, focus and attention to detail!

wow accounts said...

super love your designs. The ethnic designs was fab.!