Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

A fresh start for many.  I have no New Year's resolutions this year.  They are so often left behind by February. 

Instead a look back at 2010.

 I've eaten more Jambalaya this year than you could believe... but that was the recipe for 2010.  If you want to try it....go back to January 2010 post and you'll find it.  This year we will try something new.....Julia's Child's Boeuf Bourguignon.  I'll let you know how that goes.

I've struggled with the concepts of originality, authenticity, creativity.  There are so many opinions out there about what these words mean and I certainly have mine.  The most inspiring comes from Micheal DeMeng and a post called The Artistic Timeline.  We should all strive for such generosity of spirit in all aspects of our lives. 

I was fortunate to attend two bead shows this year.  Classes are nice but it's really all about spending time with friends.  In Santa Fe...Cris, Karen, Stacey, and I managed to spend a few evenings in front of the fireplace at La Fonda laughing so much it hurt.  Milwaukee was the same.

I spent the summer reading about African art.  I created what seemed like a ton of tear-aways.  I want to try some copper etchings this year for a deeper cut. I love the look of tear-aways but for some the impression they leave just isn't deep enough for my liking. 

I cleaned my studio more times than I would like....why oh why can't it stay clean...LOL.  Too many of us get really messy when we get creative.  It goes hand in hand.  The left brain organizer in us just shuts down when the creative right side kicks in.  Guess what I'm doing the studio!

I joined Weight Watchers in July.  I've lost 32 lbs. and I'm down two sizes.  This is one of the most significant things that I've done this year.  For a long time I didn't think I could lose....even though I knew I had a horrible, horrible diet.  I just had it in my mind that I couldn't lose weight.  But WW changed that.  Every day I'm amazed that I am really doing this.  I no longer hate the mirror and I'm having fun buying clothes again!!!

But the best thing about the year has been spending it with this guy.  After 23 years together we still like to spend time together.  We laugh and act like little kids.  He puts up with my obession with Paris and I don't complain when he goes golfing...LOL. 

It was a good year.


Katie Hanrahan said...

You've had an awesome year, Gail. Let's hope 2011 is even more awesomer!!!

Barbara R said...

Hi, you don't know me but I stumbled on your blog a while back and have been reading it for the past year or so. Your work is really inspiring and I love the happiness and exuberance you express about it.

I also joined WW in 2010 and have also lost 32 lbs when I thought I never could. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for being an inspiration; I always look forward to reading your posts.

Happy New Year from San Francisco!


Gail said...

Hi Barbara, Happy New Year. Thanks for your comments and congrats on your weight loss too!!! Gail