Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pretty Kitties

They both were good about posing for me this morning. They like to sit in spots were they can look out the windows.  In the summer they are in the windows.  This time of year they stick to me like glue.  Everytime I sit down they both try to get in my lap to stay warm.  Not that I blame them.  If I could curl up in someone's lap and they would scratch me behind the ears....I would!!

I haven't done much of anything today.  Waited for the delivery men to bring the new washer.  We couldn't get a front loader because of the layout of our laundry room.  The top loader we got is a very simple version...none of the bells and whistles that so many of them have and drives the price up. 

Here's a website to check out.... Inner Art.  There is a guide to Ohio artists with links to their websites, blogs, facebook and etsy sites.  You can also find organizations and galleries here.  And there is also a blog that lists events and calls for submission.  You could spend a couple days just following all the links that this site provides. 

Well....I guess I need to do the wash now that I have a washer.


Ginger said...

How do you get them to stay still?!? I try to take photos of Squeak and she holds still until I'm ready to shoot, flips me off and leaves!

Gail said...

LOL....that's what they usually do. You just have to keep taking pictures and 1 out of 20 might be nice.