Sunday, October 10, 2010

Primitive Bead Pendants

Beads by Joanne Zerkowski of Z Beads.  She is not on-line.  She can only be found at bead shows.  I ran into twice this Santa Fe at Beadfest and Milwaukee at Bead and Button.  She makes these fabulous organic primitive looking beads.  These fall into my "lickable" category. 


Anonymous said...

Definitely lickable! Yum! Thanks for sharing ;-)

Your work looks beautiful with them too!



Gail said...

Thanks Tonya!!

Carol said...

What's the medium? Poly? Glass? They are gorgeous, organic, ancient looking. . .right up your (and my) alley! Without a web site and a bead destination out West, how can I get my hands on one (or 10)?

Gail said...

Hi Carol. They are glass. She is a lampworker. I think she also does other Beadfest shows. I heard someone say she was in Philly this year.