Sunday, January 3, 2010

Metal Clay Tools from the kitchen store

I love kitchen stores, but not for kitchen supplies....for metal clay supplies. I picked these things up in Paris at a store I found there last year. I wish they had a website because they had some really fun things.

Plastic place mats make a good surface to roll out the metal clay. You just have to be careful about using any kind of knife or pin tool on these because they will cut or scratch. So I still put the clay on a teflon sheet if I want to use sharp tools. I like them because you can bend the placemats and easily move any dust, pieces parts, or shavings into a container.

I couldn't resist an Eiffel Tower tray to dry my clay pieces on. I love La Tour Eiffel. It's metal and rivets...what's not to love.

A glass trivet to lay out polymer clay for tearaways. If you put it in your lap while you are burnishing, it picks up heat from your body helping the transfer process.

There's so many cool things in the kitchen store....and some you can actually use for cooking.


Anonymous said...

great ideas!

Wendy said...

God forbid you use something from a kitchen store for cooking or baking!!