Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Show Pictures

The show ended up being a very good one for me....even if it was exhausting. Below are a couple of close-ups in the booth. I get quite a few comments on the black beans that I use to lay the bronze in.

When you do these multiple day shows you end up getting to know your neighbors. Tim and Marsha were next to me last year and across from me this year. It was good to see them again. We had fun people watching and throwing black beans across the aisle at each other. Tim is a wonderful woodworker and owns Studio by Ski .

Next door was Roberta who owns The Velvet Hammer. Really amazing work in mild steel. I was drooling over her pieces. Of course it's metal and hammering...something that's near and dear to my heart.

I do another show tommorrow at work with partial proceeds benefiting the United Way. Then I don't have another show until right before Christmas. Once I have more details I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Your space looks so pretty and your pieces are gorgeous! I love the bean idea, may I use it. I have a show coming up; I would love to try it.

Cris Leonard said...

You have some new stuff there that I like a lot. Good work!

Narrative jewelry said...

Happy to see the show was good for you Gail, that's what i believe ;-)
So beautiful creations in you room, and i love too the idea of the black beans, never saw them before.
How much i would like to take a workshop with you.
Your neighbors' creations were beautiful too, your town is a tree nursery of artists.
Take some rest.


Susan Dilger said...

Congrats on the good show! Love your display. Nice and clean and "edited". Hope the last show is the topper of the season!

See you in March!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Pulls me in! Great job! Now can we see that jewelry up close or did you sell it all?

I sure hope you did!

Keep inspiring us!



Katie said...

Beautiful display Gail! The black beans really show off the bronze - what a great idea! Glad the show was a success for you and entertaining as well (people-watching). ;-) Good luck on your work show (I do one as well for UW/CS and it's always a good one) and your last Christmas show (is that the Cleveland Handmade show?).

Anonymous said...

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rolex said...

Interesting post!.. it is very nice arrangement.. congrats on the good show! Love your display..