Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Geographic and the itchy butt

Now I'm sure you want to know what one has to do with the other. I'll get to that.

I got up this morning and thought it felt a little cold...but I had to get ready for the show so I went about my business. Before I left the house I looked at the thermostat. It was 60 degrees in house and the thermostat was set at 67 degrees. The thermostat/furnace has been acting weird. I turn the heat up and the thermostat will click but the furnace won't come on. This has happened about three times and I've been able to mess with the thermostat and get the furnace to turn on. I tried to get the furnace to turn on before I left...but no luck.

Now this is on top of the laundry sewer line backing up last night. We had it snaked last Saturday and I hadn't used the washer since. I did last night only to find that it is still backing up.

Oh...and did I mention that Lou left for Florida this morning.

So my morning was not going well and I had to leave for the show. I was in a sour mood when I got there and preoccupied with how I was going to get all these things repaired. I sent Lou a not so polite e-mail about how great my morning was going. It's a joke with us that the last time he went to Florida the tree came through the roof. Things seem to go wrong when he goes out of town and I am left trying to fix them.

I decided to take tomorrow off....another PTO day I don't the furnace company can check things out. Good news is that the furnace is still under a 5-year warrenty so I won't have to pay for any parts needed. This let me concentrate on the show.

I had sales last night at the charity preview but only two sales today....OUCH. Really bad show for me this year. I have always done well. I displayed only bronze but I don't thing that was the problem as I did well at the summer shows with it. I had a number of people tell me how great the pieces were...but very little buying. A number of vendors were having the same problem.

So you tend to sit around and stare at each other and people watch. You also hear everything your neighbors say. Now everyone has a story to give about their product...but one vendor...a wildlife photographer...had a voice that carried. But mid-day....we all knew his story. "These are all actual photographs and I'm the culprit.... I hunt with a camera and leave behind footprints.....National Geographic quality on a local level"....and more. He's 80 years old and quite a character...lots of stories. But when you hear the same line over and over and want to bang your head against the wall. So that's National Geographic

Now to Itcy Butt. When you aren't busy're people watching. Merry got an eye-full when a customer walking by lifted up the back of her shirt and put both hands down the back of her pants and proceeding to scratch her butt. I'm sorry I missed that. Really... that would have been the laugh of the day...and you know I can laugh LOUD.

So thankfully that show is over. One down and two to go. I will be very glad when they are all over. Shows are just exhausting. When you make money at least there is a reward. When you don' wonder why you should continue to do them.

Good news...when I got home the furnace was on. So at least I will have heat tonight. Tomorrow I will still have the furnace checked out. Something is wrong and hopefully they can figure it out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The itchy butt story was too funny! Hopefully the next show will have more sales and no itcy butts. ha ha

Anonymous said...

I can definitely empathize! I once had to listen to a vendor tell customers to the tune of once every 4-5 minutes (NO EXAGGERATION!) that she had started her craft as a hobby when her son left for the war, which he was still in (and she ALWAYS added that) and it was the only thing that could keep her calm waiting for his phone calls. AAAAHHHHH

Katie said...

Sorry the show was such a slow one, but at least you have some great stories from it! ;-) Let's hope the furnace gets fixed quickly, the sewer gets cleared out soon and the next two shows are fabulous for you!

Nancy said...

Hi Gail....IT'S YOUR SISTER. Your jewelry is just great -- can't believe we have such an artist in the family. Every time I wear the bronze necklace you made for me, people always ask about it. So hopefully your other shows will be better.