Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nerves, Nerves, Nerves

I find I'm pacing the house. I have too much free time between now and when we leave for Paris. So I am pacing, going from one project to another, a little lost for what to do. I'm fairly laid back on an average day but when things aren't average I have a tendency to be very anxious.

It doesn't help that it's been a busy month...and one filled with unexpected emergency repairs. The sewer backed up so we had it snaked. It's always an argument about who is going to stay home for this so we try to get them out on a weekend. Then the furnace wouldn't work....except for when the repairmen came...and then of course it worked. They treated me like a stupid person...asking me to show them where on the thermostat I was reading the room temperature. I was nice...but I wanted to yell. I can explain how a mass spectrometer breaks apart a compound to its elemental molecules but they didn't think I could tell the difference between the set point and room temperature on the thermostat. One of my pet peeves is when people either don't take me serious or don't believe that I am intelligent because I'm a woman.

After a week of working fine they both decided to act up again. The furnace turned out to be a loose wire and the sewer had to be resnaked because they missed a line. I know I should be used to house repairs and I should understand that they always get fixed. We even had to dig up the front lawn one year to replace a crushed tile...which was my worst fear....but it got fixed...but it doesn't keep me from getting worked up about it.

So my anxiety level is already high. Now I'm worried about the trip. First the cats....I have a friend coming in to take care of them and she is even more particular than I am about taking care of the cats so they should be OK. But I attribute human emotions to the cats. Will they miss us? Will they wonder where we are or if we are coming back? Some people think this is silly....I think Lou is one of them. He just keeps telling me that they will be OK.

Then there is the travel itself. I will calm down when I get to the airport. I always do. At that point everything else melts away and only the trip exists. Although I won't fully relax until we get to time to make our flight to Paris. After all this worrying.....we will be back home before we realize we were even gone. It is amazing how fast time passes.


Cris Leonard said...

Your cats will be fine, and yes think they do miss us when we're away. I worry about mine too. You have someone that you trust coming to care for them and I'm sure she'll spend time with them so they aren't too lonely. Stop worrying!

Katie said...

Chill, girlfriend!! The house will be fine, the cats will be fine. Now, pour yourself a TALL glass of wine and de-stress yourself!

Cathy said...

The kitties will miss you but they'll be fine... our cat always greets us at the door when we come back from a trip, then he runs off acting like it was no big deal. Once you're home it's history.

Breathe and relax. It's gonna be AWESOME! Can't wait to see the results of your inspirations.