Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Thunderbirds are here....

This weekend is the Cleveland annual Labor Day event. The Thunderbirds arrived today. I could see them practicing from my office window. It was hard to concentrate because I could hear the planes coming before I could see them so natuarally I kept looking up from my desk.

Then later when I got home I heard whinning engines overhead. I stepped outside to see the C-130 Hercules descending so it could land at Burke Lakefront Airport. It's a cargo transport plane and is massive.

Last year we got to see Fat Albert...that's the Blue Angels C-130 transport plane. It can perform jet-assisted take-0ffs. Imagine this big ass plane lumbering down the runway for a take-off. It's so big you can't believe that it will even get off the ground....but it does. At some point very soon after take-off they kick in the jets and this massive plane rockets into the sky. It's impressive.

Of course there will be protesters outside the airshow. They protest these "weapons of war".... "weapons of mass destruction". Lou tells me I'm a bleeding heart...I don't ever want to see people go to war. I grew up watching the Vietnam War on TV. That definetely had an impact on a 10 year old girl. These are weapons that can inflict massive destruction but I also think the sheer force of their existence can keep war at bay. Sane people will think twice before starting a conflict because of the consequences. It's the insane ones that don't care and start wars anyway....kinda like our past President (that's means you GW-yah).

OH but this is much too serious for my blog. I am taking tomorrow off so I have a 4-day weekend.....and we have no plans....and if I'm lucky we won't have any last minute invitations. I might actually get 4 days in the studio. WOO HOO!!!

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