Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I played hooky from work this afternoon and went to the Rings and Things show. It was only in town for one day and ran from 12-4 so I had no choice but to take the afternoon off. I was looking for some small rondelles to use with the bronze. I picked up a few strands....garnet, labradorite, sodalite, and carnelian.

But my most favortie buy was a strand of jade Happy Buddha beads. There are about 20 of them in the strand and each one is a little bit different. There were only 2 strands and now I'm thinking I should have bought the other strand too....Oh Well.

There is another gem show in town this weekend at the county fairgrounds and since Lou is golfing Saturday morning I think I'll be heading to the show. This will be a bigger show with different vendors. I'm still looking for some amethyst and anything else that catches my eye...like the Happy Buddha's.


Katie said...

I was there at noon and spent about an hour shopping. Heidi and Francine were there, Deb N. was coming in as I was leaving. I got some fun stuff, too, but I never saw those Buddha beads!

Susan DIlger said...

Yep, you got some good ones! And I LOVE the buddha guys!!!!
Now who has a bead show on a Wed from 12 - 4??????? Silly puppies!

Dave Robertson said...

We're so glad you two could check out our show - We do sometimes have to schedule some interesting show times, since we're always moving from town to town through the week...Thanks for coming, and enjoy those beads! :)