Monday, September 21, 2009


That's the sound of a tree falling. And this is the second time it's happened this summer. Not the whole tree...but a very very very large branch. Extend your arms out in front of you in a circle.....that's about the size of it.

At 2AM this morning I awoke to that sound. Luckily the last sound was a whoosh...which means the tree didn't hit anything. The whoosh is the sound that the leaves make as they sort of whiplash on the ground after it hits. If the tree had hit something it would have been Crack....Thud....metal crunching, glass breaking, cats screaming.

It spanned across the entire front yard and down into the driveway in between our two cars. It missed the cars, missed the lampost, missed the fence, missed the house. It did take out a little 3' tall Japanese Maple. But we were extremely lucky there was no significant damage.

The tree dudes came out right away, cut it up, and chipped it. They also went up into the tree and took out some other questionable branches. We left work early to clean things up but they did a great job of taking everything. We hosed down the driveway and front porch to get rid of the saw dust but other than that...the dudes did it all.

I don't have any pictures because they were gone before we got home. As we cleaned up we did find a few mushrooms.....very, very, very large mushrooms. Those I made Lou hold up so I could take pics.

Can you believe the size of this? It's bigger than a wedding bouquet...with this mushroom I thee wed.

This one is smaller but it looks like it could talk....."Feed me Morris"

Maybe tonight I'll get some sleep. After the tree fell I didn't sleep at all.


Cathy said...

Holy crap! That's crazy!!! I wouldn't have slept either!!!

Cris Leonard said...

Ok, you guys need the name of a good tree surgeon, before someone gets killed! Glad you're ok. Jezzey Chreezy!

Katie said...

Good grief, Gail!! What is up with your trees? Like Cris said, you should probably have them all checked out to see if any others are vulnerable to falling or breaking off. On the other hand, those mushrooms look like they'd make some wicked textures! ;-)