Monday, July 27, 2009

A little bronze over the weekend

I did a little bronze work Friday and Saturday. I had a bit left from a 200g pack and wanted to use it up so I made some pendants and a few tidbits. I took the tray out of the kiln when it was 200 degrees. As I uncovered the pieces they had bright pinks in them. As they cooled to air temp they lost that pink color. Although they looked pretty pink in the pic below. Funny...the pendant in front still had the pencils lines on it that I drew when the clay was leather. It didn't burn off...but they did go away when I polished them up.

I polished this one up and put some leather cord in the holes. This one is my "Alien" pendant. Just above the first "x" of looks like the Alien mask with tendrils coming off the head. Isn't that cool!!!

Benny likes made him laugh...and then he chewed on the leather cord.


virtuallori said...

I love the one with the lace!

Kira said...

Ditto on the alien piece, I love both the corset style lacing AND that its an alien!

Elaine said...

Ooo, I love the one with the lacing! Very cool!