Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Pieces

Earrings...aka test strips. I put a few of these in each run and test them for strength when they come out. If they break I put the batch back in the kiln. If they don't I have a pair of earrings.

This is another piece from the mold that I made. I put holes in both ends on this one...hmmm...I'm getting an idea.

This is another mold that I made from pieces I picked up from Africa...not in Africa...but from a vendor that sold African artifacts.

Another mold...this one was a piece of fossilized turtle shell. It's thick. I rolled the bronze out at 11 card and then squished it into the mold. That's a technical term...squished.

My Kitties
Have I mentioned that I have 2 new cats :) I have fallen totally in love with them. Sophie needs to be around people. She is always in one of our laps. Saturday she took a nap with me. She curled up and put her head on my shoulder.... right next to my face. We both fell asleep.

Ben is all boy. He is bigger than Sophie and has muscles. You can feel them when you pet him. But he turns into mush when you gently pet him and scratch his chin. He is also part dog. He rolls over and lets us scratch his belly.


Cris Leonard said...

Squish is a nice technical term, but my fav is splodge, as in "I splodged the metal clay into the mold".

donner said...

i like the term 'monged' as in 'I screwed up this piece royally - i really monged it'..

love your kitties...isn't it nice to have kitty companionship back in the house again...so sweet...

Jewelryzen said...

The items are original and the african style integration is new and fashion trendy!