Friday, March 7, 2008

Did I tell you I'm sick of winter??

The week started out with freezing rain. On Tuesday I came out to my car to find it coated with 1/4" of ice. I couldn't get the doors open. After about 5 minutes I managed to get the passenger door open. It took about 15 mnutes of scraping and having the heat on full blast to get to a point where I could see out the windows. But of course that didn't stop me from meeting Lou down at Fahrenheit's for dinner. It was spectacular. A five course meal with wines to complement. All the while we were there it continued to sleet but surprisingly it wasn't difficult to get home. Also surprisingly after 5 different wines I wasn't smashed. Of course they weren't full glasses.

Now today it has started snowing....and it is suppose to snow through Sunday early morning. The are predicting somewhere between 12-18 inches of snow. I'M SICK OF WINTER. I have the workshop this weekend and I don't know if I'm going to make it, but I'm going to try. The drive is normally 40 minutes....I'm expecting it to take much longer. I've convinced Lou and it would be best to take his truck so I have a better chance of making through the snow. I'm also taking some clothes with me. If I make it there I don't think I'm coming home Saturday night. One of my the girls has volunteered to put me up on Saturday night.....a slumber party...I haven't had one of those in ages :))

If I don't make it...I've got plenty to do here and I can blog some more.

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