Monday, March 10, 2008

Basket of Goodies

I did make it out on Sunday to the Hollow Bead workshop. Surprisingly after 31 hours of snow, the plows were able to clear the roads enough for me to make it out. Unfortunately they don't plow our driveway. Since I took Lou's truck I made it out of the driveway easily. He on the other hand got my car stuck and the neighbor had to help him get it out. I didn't feel too bad. Lou doesn't shovel snow. He feels that we can just drive over it....and most times we can. But not this time. So when he told me he got the car stuck I just smiled and suggested that we need to get a snowblower.
Below is a pic of Barbara Becker Simon goodies (taken by my friend Brenda).

She is an amazing artist and her hollow form beads are just fantastic. As with most things....once you see the technique it is easier than it looks .... but in this case tedious. A lot of sanding and fitting and sanding and fitting. The hardest part for me was mitering the side walls with an exacto knife. There is nothing about me that says I was taking chuncks out of the side walls....which meant more sanding, fitting, and carving. Surprisingly once my bead went together it didn't look too bad. I haven't fired it yet. I want to try a few more before I run a load.

I had the day off today. I never turned my blackberry on...still haven't. I slept late, ran errands, worked on some jewelry. I stopped at a few wallpaper stores. I'm looking for the old books that they usually throw out....wallpaper with texture can be used on the PMC. The one store had just given away a book the was full of textured wallpaper. I did take one book but it only had two different textures, but I'll give them a try to see if they are of any interest. NowI have to get my tax records ready for the accountant so Lou will stop bugging me.

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Barbara Briggs said...

Gail, you were so lucky to take a class with Barbara Becker Simon. Her work is so fantastic! She taught the PMC certification class I took in 2005. I love her hollow form beads!