Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Year of Annoyances

So last Thursday I came home to a slightly chilly house. Thought I would turn the furnace on to take the chill out....no furnace. No heat. Not a big deal this time of year since we have been having wonderful weather. But something we need to act on quickly since it will be turning cold. We didn't even bother to fix it. I figured the furnace was about 25 years old. After talking to the heating guy...he estimates that our furnace is ~40 years old and has a few contraptions on it that are illegal. So....thousands of dollars later....we have a new furnace (or will have on Monday) and something I have never had in a home.....central air conditioning. I know I can't use it until next summer but it will be such a pleasure to have central air the hot and muggy summers that we have. Plus it will increase the resale value of the house to have it.

So why is it the Year of Annoyances....this summer we had to replace the gas line from the street to the house and we were without gas for 8 days. Then we had part of a tree fall that took out the neighbors fence. And now this......AH...the joy of home ownership.

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