Friday, October 26, 2007


I was thinking about Paris...something I do alot of....trying to remember the name of this little restaurant we stopped into after spending the day at the Louvre. I did a web search and found it....FERDI. Apparently it has been getting some press lately. Travel and Leisure magazine says that Penelope Cruz has declared that Ferdi serves "the best cheeseburger in she ever eats a cheeseburger...or worst yet she probably does and has the metabolism of a humming bird. The IHT had a nice reveiw. We just happened upon it and they had a table available, but a cheeseburger was the last thing I wanted. I had the empenadas. They were wonderful. Lou had them bring some homemade hot sauce to the table. I watched how fast his brow broke out in a sweat and decided not to try it. It is at 32 Rue du Mont-Thabor in the 1st.
My picture of the week....Gendarmes sur cheval....hopefully that translates into Police on Horseback. Feel free to correct my attempt at French if this isn't correct.

I love horses....I love men....and I really love men in knee high boots....mounted police are a dream come true. I know...I'm a piglet...that's what Lou would call me. He puts up with my little ogling good looking men. But to be fair...I look at beautiful women too.

I never mentioned the men in Paris. For the most part I didn't noticed any difference in basic looks than American men. I mean they didn't stand out as being more or less handsome than the men I'm used to seeing. But one day walking down the street I nearly peed myself. I looked up and thought it was Clive Owen walking towards me....only better looking. I think I herniated a disc...I snapped my neck so fast as he walked by. I don't think I have ever seen anyone that good looking in person.....except for Lou of course. Then one evening on the Avenue George V up near the Champs Elysees I saw a man crossing the street that reminded me of Cary Grant. Very handsome and distinguished.

Enjoy the weekend. I will be making jewelry all weekend getting ready for my next show.

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