Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My name is Gail....and I'm a Francophile

I've become a Francophile...much to the horror of one of my brothers....the republican one. He still refers to his fries as Freedom if the renaming of fries would shame the French into following our idiot president into war. BTW bro....fries originated in Belgium.

I have been chronicalling the trip and working with the pictures.....I can't get Paris out of my head. I bought Hemingway's A Moveable Feast and on my list of movies to watch is Amelie, La Mome, and Paris, Je T'Aime. I just finished reading Suite Francaise and bought Nemirovsky's Fire in the Blood. It's an illness...I can't get enough of Paris. I thought I would stop reading the blogs from Paris when we got back from vacation...nope. I love reading them and seeing the pictures. Matt from Misplaced in the Midwest left me a comment that I would have to come back and stay longer....I know!!!

I already told Lou that I wanted to go back for a month. But that would mean I would be in Paris by myself for part of the time because he wouldn't be able to take that long off work. I probably could. My boss takes the entire month of August he probably wouldn't say much if I asked for a month. Lou doesn't mind me being there ...partially because he goes to Korea every other year for 2 weeks without me (it's a martial arts thing)...but he worries about me being there alone. Anyboy want to stay with me in Paris for a couple weeks???

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cristina Leonard said...

I'm there Baby!