Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 5 of No Hot Water

It's not so bad. I am getting used to every orifice on my body puckering up at the first touch of ice cold water early in the morning. Really.

So we may have our gas back sometime this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. Turns out the gas company is requiring us to replace the gas line. The "kid" who came out on Saturday will be the person doing it. Good news is that they won't be digging a trench. There is a procedure where they drill into the soil in selected spots and slide the pipe in. After seeing all the landscaping (including a fence) that they would have to dismantle to dig the trench, the "kid" favored this technique because it is less destructive and I'm sure much less work for him. He actually has been very good. Apologetic about the fact that we have no gas. The whole procedure is going to cost $3,200. The insurance that we were carrying will cover $2,000 of it. Guess that $5 per month turned out to be worth it.

I bought a tent for my very first outdoor show. It came....with no canopy in the box. I called the company. After waiting 30 minutes for a customer service agent...she told me since this is a new design...they have no replacement parts for it yet. I told her I had an art show on the 19th and that pretty well meant I was screwed. She took pity on me and told me to hold on while she contacted her manager....then she disconnected me. Back on the phone for another 10 mintues of waiting. She must have a computerized phone system...cause she picked up the phone an immediately apologized. She refered me to the Inventory Supervisor...who wasn't in the office. So I left a voice message. They arent' getting it that I don't want a replacement part....I just want the original part that I was suppose to get. We'll see what happens. In the meantime I need to call the show promoter to see if they can help me out with getting a tent for show day.

"Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it's always something." ..... Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseannadanna.

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meesh said...

the first tent i bought for an outdoor show had box cut slits in it! that was fantastic.

thinking of you and wishing you warmer showers.