Monday, July 16, 2007

Can you say...Sexy French Firefighter....

I am obsessed with reading French Blogs in preparation for our trip there in September. But this pic really gives me something to be obsessed about. Oh Yeah....I salivate just looking at this guy...I'm speechless. Apparently on the eve of Bastille day, certain firestations open up and host parties...all for charity of course. The event is called Bals des Pompiers. Note to self...plan a trip to Paris aournd Bastille Day!!!

Lest we think they are nothing but pretty faces.... here is a shot showing them in action. If you ask me...firemen and policemen are the severely underpaid.

I have a fireman story...when I was in my late 20's, I went skiing in Vail with 3 girlfriends. Our week consisted of skiing all day, partying all night and very little to eat. After a week of this we were ready to leave and rushing around trying to get to our shuttle stop which was just downstairs from our condo. Sitting there waiting for the shuttle, I passed out. And I mean OUT. One of the girls ran to call 911. I didn't regain consiousness until the firetruck and paramedics arrived and they pulled out the smelling salts. I woke up looking at 2 gorgeous guys. One was holding my hand and the other was shielding the sunlight from my eyes. I looked up and asked...."Am I in Heaven?". They sent my friends off to buy me something sugary to eat. By this time the shuttle pulled up and they were nice enough to wait for a few minutes while the guys checked me out. They didn't want to let me go. They weren't sure I was OK. I told my friends..."Go on...go without me...I'll be OK" They wouldn't leave without me...DAMN. So we all got on the shuttle to Denver and home. I love firemen :))

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avec amy said...

Oh la la! I might have to set my apartment on fire. Hi Gail, and thank you for reading my blog : ) I recall seeing a very nice bead shop that you might find interesting in the 4th arrondissement on rue des Archives between rue Rambuteau and Clos des Blancs-Manteaux (it’s not too far from the main Hotel de Ville if you’re out doing site-seeing). Good luck with your French and if you’d like some restaurant recommendations, please let me know: