Monday, April 16, 2007

Home Improvements

A new greenhouse opened up in Avon. It's fantastic. They have this gorgeous patio furntiture which costs a fortune...$350 a chair. But it's beautiful to look at. They has some beaded creatures. I had to buy one for my workroom. I bought a red iguana and a small jade plant. I think everyone has had a jade plant in their life. I had one in college. Lou and I went back on Saturday and bought some shrubs. They were 50% off. We got a few forsythia and some low growing shrubs for the front of the house.

Last Monday we put on a new roof. That was step two of our ~100 step process of improving our home. Step one was last year when we had it sided. The next step is putting cultured stone on the chimney and other concrete block parts of our house. The chimney is huge and takes up 1/3 of the front of our house. I just have to find a contractor to do this. After that....a new furnace, knocking out an interior wall, paint, new carpeting, a new patio......this should take a few years or more at the rate we move.

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