Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Faux Bone

I took an amazing class with Robert Dancik this weekend. What a great teacher. Check out his web site The pic is Robert, Vanessa, and Jennifer. Jennifer made the most amazing piece of jewelry with the Faux Bone and placed it in a bezel that she designed herself. It's a stunner. It's always such a treat to spend an entire weekend doing nothing but art. Stress drains away, the heart slows down, and the brain sighs. If you're lucky you can reconnect with your creativity and do things you can't on a normal least my normal day....deadlines, finances, HR problems, "Why can't I do this?", "Can you get me that?", too much to do, too little time....AHHH. That is why I take classes every chance I disengage from my rat race and find some peace of mind.

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