Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I thought my cat was going to die Friday night. She didn't like the food I put out for her, but it was Friday night and I wasn't going to go out to buy her something different. Lou walked into the kitchen and started laughing telling me the cat was staggering around from lack of food. The he stopped laughing and told me I' d better come quick that there was something wrong. She was staggering around and leaning on things. I sat on the floor and she dragged herself over to me. I tried to comfort her as I sat there and bawled my eyes out. A few mintues later she got up and walked away like nothing was wrong. So either she had some type of episode...or she was gettng back at me for not going out to get the food she likes. She has been fine since. We think her back hip locked up. She's 20 years old...which is ancient in cat years. She's at the age where she just wants to be near me and loved. She sits in my big chair with me and smiles....yes, she smiles. She looks at me and her eyes squint. If you don't believe me...look in the mirror and smile big....you eyes squint don't they.

I'm packing up jewelry today to send to the photographer. I'm getting slides and digital photos on some select pieces. Maybe then I will be able to get into the higher end shows. I'll post pics when I get them back. Should be a few weeks.

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