Thursday, March 22, 2007

Welcome to My Blog

My first blog. God, what do I write about. I hope to fill this site with my experiences as a artisan jewerly designer. Last Sunday our PMC guild met to view a demo of glass bead making. Francine and Mary Ann made it look very easy...but it is obviously something you need training and talent to do. That is why I am so impressed by those that can do it well. If you want some examples, go to the website of the glass bead artists that I have listed. They have amazing beads. Me...I like working in PMC and designing jewelry. It's what I long to do all day long, but working full time at the hospital only allows me limited time. Why don't I quit and do jewerly full time??....golden handcuffs...the hopital pays me a very nice that I couldn't make doing jewelry full time. So for right now I will do this obession of mine part-time.

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