Monday, October 7, 2013

You give me gum gum....dum dum

Going to the British Museum is something I've always wanted to do.  They have an amazing collection of Egyptian and Middle Eastern artifacts.  Probably the biggest attraction is the Rosetta Stone.  And I don't have any good pictures of it because it was behind glass.  But I did get a tea towel with the image on it...LOL.

I could have spent days here looking at all the artifacts. The Great Court below has a glass and steel roof covering 2 acres.  There are more than 3,000 panes of glass and no two are the same.

A quartet of Sekmet.  Sekmet's name means "she who has power".  Another translation is "she who mauls"...I kinda like that one.

Hieroglyphs.  In amazing condition.  There were quite a few tablets, doors, walls that had glyphs on them.

Assyrian winged of my favorites.  They had six of these.

Hieroglyphs on the side of a sarcophagus.

Assyrian stone tablets.  They had so many of these and they were in beautiful condition.

One side of a Anatolian stone mold.  Loved this. You can see the pour channels on the side.

Mummified cow.  This one made me laugh.  It looks like a bad Halloween costume.

Easter Island Statue.  I took one look at this and all I heard is ...."Hey, Dum-Dum...You give me gum-gum".

And who said museums aren't fun!!

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