Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Portobello Road

I'm coming to an end of my reminiscing about London.  On our last day we went up to Notting Hill and walked Portobello Road.  I wished I had spent more time here....just like Saint-Ouen in Paris....I found so many things that I loved.  The dilemma is first.... affording them and second...how do you get bigger items back home.

You take the tube everywhere. Something that is really foreign to me since I grew up on a farm and live in a city without a subway system.  At one point the farm girl in me came out... and I remember thinking..."How cool is this....I'm riding the tube in London!!!"  I felt so worldly...LOL.

Pretty house.

Pretty street

Alice's.  They had the most amazing things inside their shop but they didn't allow photography. I did buy a small box...not new...but cute.  It's the one in the lower left hand corner of the picture.  It says "Alice's Portobello Road" on the front and on the side "Art and Other Junk"
The Queen was everywhere.

And food!!  This was a sugar addicts dream!!

Lots of people from different countries.  All week long we heard so many different languages.

Vintage clothes.

This store sold clothes.  The had vintage sewing machines all over the place.

Street performers were all over London too.
London.....I think I love you.  Now that I know how to navigate around the city.....I need to go back!!!


carol said...

Thanks for sharing your pics and thoughts, I love the colour of London, from the stalls to the flowers, to the many nationalities. You only scratched the surface so you'll have so much to see next time!

Anonymous said...

The musician is Daniel Waples. He's well known.